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Project Description
This Solution Package consists of a Web Part that can be used as a "Like" button, and a List Template that can be used to create a list to store a record of who "Likes" particular items. The button can be added to List Item Display / Edit pages at this stage

This does not integrate with the FaceBook website, it is simply a "Like" button similar to what you see on FaceBook.

The WSP contains two Features at the Site Collection level, One being the Web Part, the other being the List Template.

The Web Part can be added to any DispForm.aspx page or EditForm.aspx page, so that a "Like" button is displayed. By default, you can't edit a DispForm or EditForm.aspx page through SharePoint's web UI, To do so (in WSS 3 / MOSS 2007), simply add the following query string to the end of the URL after browsing to the form you want to add it to (see for more info).
  • &PageView=Shared&ToolPaneView=2

After you've added the Web Part to one of the list's Form pages, you can store a count of Likes in the List by creating an extra field in the List. By default this field should be named "Likes" but it can be called anything, simply change the property of the Web Part to reflect the name accordingly.

There are four Web Part properties, to change the way the button operates:
  1. Like Button Text - the button text to display when the user wants to "Like" the item
  2. UnLike Button Text - the button text to display when the user wants to "UnLike" the item
  3. Like Button List Name - the name of the List in which to store the record of who Liked which item
  4. Like Button Field Name - the name of a field in the list being worked on in which you would like to store a count of the Likes (an incremental number).

You can create a hidden list based on the List Template included in the WSP to use it to store who liked each item. By doing this, the "Like" count is maintained from that list, and the "Unlike" function is enabled (as the Web Part can track who pressed the Like button in the list). The "Like List" must be created in the same Web (Site) as the List being Liked and by default the name should be Like List, but this can be changed by modifying theproperty of the Web Part.

There's a few rough edges and improvements I have in mind, namely:
  • The Like Lists be based on a special Content Type that is created at the Site Collection level, thereby allowing aggregation of Like data across the entire SharePoint environment
  • Further customisations of the Like button Web Part to be made via Web Part Properties, so the button can be made to fit the Look & Feel of the site without the need for coding and recompiling
  • Expand on what in SharePoint you can "Like", whether it be a Page (this may work in the project's current state, I'm not sure) or perhaps you may want to Like an entire list, or Web (Site)
  • Adding a Comments box, with posted comments stored in a separate list
  • The opportunity to be alerted when future Comments have been added, after a user has Liked or has Commented on an item (similar to a My Alert, but only for the Items the user has shown interest in)

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